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March 8 is International Women’s Day celebrated all over the world. On this day, we remembered and paid tribute to the great and brave women of the world. Their lives and efforts have been mentioned and a new generation of women is encouraged to make their lives meaningful and improve their lives. Women’s rights are talked about in more areas and those who do not give them their rights are reminded of women’s rights through protests and rallies to give women their rights in the coming years. And their rights should not be compromised and they should not be treated unfairly or unfairly. The purpose of celebrating World Women’s Day is not to say that all men in the world are wrong and bad and all women in the world are innocent and oppressed. The purpose of this day’s celebration is to highlight the importance of women in the world and to mention the evil and injustice they are being treated and to find a way out.
One thing we should all understand is that every region and society has its ways celebrating of any global day or festival, and they celebrated that within the bounds of the laws and ethics of their society and region.
we can say that Men have a prominent place in our society and men are given priority over women in all religions and societies in the region. The main reason is that in our region, societies make their own rules, rules, and regulations based on religion. Every citizen of every country must respect and obey all the laws of that country. The law of each country grants its citizens basic rights according to their law. The law of each country is made with one thing in mind. Its foundation is either religion or morality. Just as many Islamic countries, such as Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, make and practice laws based on Islam, and whoever lives in these countries, they have to respect these laws and obey these laws. Have to Likewise, if someone lives in European countries or lives in Australia, they follow the rules there. Likewise, who lives in Pakistan, has to respect and obey the laws of Pakistan.
In our country also, International Women’s Day is celebrated with full enthusiasm. There are rallies in favor of women all over the country and social organizations organize programs in which tributes are given to them by mentioning the great and courageous women of Pakistan and the world. This is not a wrong thing, nor will any educated and mannered person oppose it. It is the right of women and everyone should play their role in this regard.
A banner or slogan on the eve of World Women’s Day, which has become one of the most important points of Women’s World Day in our country, is “my body, my will.”
We try to find out where and why this slogan originated. How it was used in Western countries. The important ones talk a bit about it and then everyone will understand why the educated and conscious classes are opposing it.
We try to find out where and why this slogan originated. How it was used in Western countries. The important ones talk a bit about it and then everyone will understand why the educated and conscious classes are opposing it.
If we look at it, it turns out that “my body, my choice” is not only a slogan, but as a movement, which originated in September 2015 by a woman from the United States, Amelia Bono, who the slogan he started was, “Shout your abortion”. The slogan was introduced when abortion was legislated in the United States and talked about legalizing the process. The motto of this slogan was “it is our body and we have a will, we can have a relationship with our husband whenever we want and have children when we want. Why should we obey anyone?” If anyone has seen the news show in which Marvi Sarmad and Khalil ur Rehman had argued, it can be seen that Marvi Sarmad said the same words at the beginning of his conversation. If anyone is skeptical of this slogan, surely he can search Wikipedia and Facebook. Through this movement, thousands of women have shared their stories of illegal abortion on Facebook and the Net. He called this illegal act a right and timely decision and called it a need for society.
Now, it can be thought that when a member of the movement, Marvi Sarmad, can speak in a live show, what she will say in her speeches and messages. It is a complete movement and aims to promote illicit relationships by restricting legitimate relationships. By looking at the posters and play cards of the Women’s March on Women’s Day, guess what they want to say and what freedom they want.
If it is a matter of heating food or finding socks, so it is the responsibility of the women of the house and it is the responsibility of the women not only in our country but also in Western countries. For such demands, rallying on Women’s Day seems very preposterous.
It is a fact that in our country women are treated unfairly. They are not given their basic rights and they face many problems as a woman, which is usually created by men.
It is also a fact that in this society women do not get all the freedoms that are found in Western countries. If we look at it a little, there are some restrictions on the men of this society, which are not on the men of Western society.
An example of this can be taken, if we say that women are not allowed to wear short skirts in our country which is available to women in Western countries. The woman wears this kind of dress and if a man says to her that you look too sexy or hot, she does not mind, but in our society, he will be beaten by the public if a man says a woman the same words.
It is regrettable to say that if women want to wear Western-style clothing, they will have to endure the same reaction that women have to suffer. This is unacceptable if they think they can wear whatever they want and wear their custom and no one sees them. This is not possible. That is why the veil is so important in our religion. In Islam, women should not use a sharp fragrance and speak loudly so that unknown men are not attracted to them. Not only Islam but every religion of the world has a special order for the veil, and the vulgarity and without a veil is called sin.
It is almost impossible for women to have those freedoms in our society like western society. This is not because they cannot be given freedoms, but because they are the main difference between us and Western society. In our country’s constitution and law, women have all basic and legitimate rights and freedoms. Freedom does not mean freedom from all boundaries and limits. Every society and country has its own legal and social boundaries, which be could not change by looking at the law and society of another society or country. Amendments are made to the laws of the country if necessary, but it is seen that those changes do not conflict with the basic tenets of the country and society.
All the conscious people of Pakistan, whether men or women are in favor of the legitimate and genuine freedom of women and are ready to fight for it, but there is a difference between freedom and vulgarity and try to understand the differences. In our country, women also get education and work. Women face more difficulties than men in employment and education, but it is also true that they have facilities compared to men. If women want to rally or rally for their rights, then this is their right but it should not be in violation of Islam, the laws of the country and men, because it is wrong to justify yourself by calling someone bad.

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