We Neither need Marvi Sarmad nor Khalil Ur Rehman

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On Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020, in the late night, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar & Marvi Sarmad participated in a Live Show. They were discussing about the Woman March on Woman’s Day. Both participates used harsh and uncultured language for each other.
That fight not only destroyed the Show but also made the nation of Pakistan angry and highly disappointed. They are public figures and it is their responsibility to take care of their every act, especially when they are participating in a Live Show. They are completely responsible for what they say and what they do? Both of they are educated and well-knowledge personalities. What’s the point of misconducting each other in a Live show while millions of viewers are watching the show.
If Marvi Sarmad is wrong, then Khalil ur Rehman is also wrong. Will Khalil ur Rehman afford to speak to anyone to the women of his family on a decent platform in these words?
It is important to understand who is crossing the limit. When we are discussing about something, we already sit in our mind to decide that we are right, the rest of the world is wrong. No matter what he does or says he is wrong and we are right. Any decent person in our society would like his mother, sister, wife or daughter to be carrying a board written on the road, “My body, my will”.
If we talk about women’s rights, in our constitution and the law, women have all the legitimate rights. In all the countries of the West, women earn themselves and spend on themselves. If her husband brings her something, she pays for the goods. In our society, the husband is responsible for meeting the needs of his wife before himself. Not only does he bear all the expenses of his wife and children, but he also fulfills his wife’s orders. Someone in this society has ever seen that at the end of the month the husband asks his wife to buy something for me from your salary.
First of all, there is no pick and choose in Islam. Islam has to be fully obeyed and practiced. Anyone be neither taught morality by force nor made civilized.
Islam determined the share of women in property. Before Islam it was not a custom. When a daughter is married, her father and brother gives her dowry. This dowry has nothing to do with the property. Marvi Sarhad should show such an example in Western society.
We cannot and should not follow other systems, while living in Islam. Islam has the solution to every problem in the world. But the way our society is promoting the practices of Islam, it seems very difficult to Islam. We associate everything with sin and reward only. Like stand and drink water is a sin. If we also tell you how many disadvantages there are to standing and drinking water, then no one should stand up and drink water. In Europe, Islam is spreading rapidly because they read and research Islam both worldly and religious.
They study Islam carefully and conclude that Islam has the solution to every problem in the world and that Islam is a complete code of conduct. Tell someone that it will be rewarded or sin, but also tell them that it will benefit them and it will hurt them. Our scholars and clerics do not do this because they have to do research. Marvi Sarmad and people like him take advantage of this. They present Islam as a difficult religion and try to distract people from the basic principles of Islam. On this thinking a joke has come to mind, though I don’t think it’s appropriate to write it but it matches the same topic. Sorry if that sounds bad.
A journalist was passing through a village. He saw a ball resting on the couch on the edge of the field, while the cow was plowing in the field. The journalist was very surprised and asked Bell about it. Bell replied that she supports women’s equality and freedom. She speaks to me of equality rights and responsibility. She says why I can’t do what you can. Now she is doing is which she is responsible for, also she is doing which are my responsibilities. This is the real face of Western society.
At the end, it is the responsibility of every public figure, if they really want to do something healthy for the society, should strictly follow the ethical practices. It is not possible to run any campaign successfully if the leaders or public figures forget to behave sensibly.
Secondly, it is a highly responsibility of every electronic media channel to stop running these type of programs on their channel just to maintain the sonority.
We do not need any Marvi Sarmad to protect our Women’s rights, nor any Khalil ur Rehman to save our society. We have a complete code of life in the form of Islam, which we can live our lives in the best way.
Study Islam carefully and instead of living on someone else’s will and desire, live according to the will and choice of Allah, who has given us this beautiful life.

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