Why Karachi is not like Lahore

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Some people lookup to Lahore against Karachi. Especially on healthcare and other administrative matters. This comparison is almost impossible. By no means can Karachi be compared to Lahore. Lahore is a small and limited city in terms of area, while Karachi has no permanent borders. Due to this, the distribution of resources in Lahore is fixed. In comparison, there are numerous slm dwellers in the vicinity of Karachi and they are constantly increasing day by day. A large burton resource of Karachi is being used in the slum dwellers which do not have to account for and the government does not have any income. There is also a distribution of resources and administrative affairs of Karachi. There are four administrative units operating in Lahore. Central, Provincial, Local and Commissionaire. Usually three of them governments (Central, Provincial and Local) belong to the same political party and cooperate fully with each other. Because of this, it takes less time to manage, handle and resolve problems. Secondly, it also shows that resources are being used properly. At the same time, there is a dearth of resources. Punjab is the largest province in terms of population and Lahore receives the bulk of its resources. Due to the low and clear of the region and the government of the same political party, resources are equally spent in all areas.
In other hand there are also four administrations in Karachi too, but usually three belong to different political parties. Usually they do not cooperate with each other. No one is ready to take responsibilities, but they are putting the responsibilities on others. Local administration seem to be crying out for lack of funds and lack of powers. According to the central government, all the responsibilities are the provisional government and the local government. No administration is visible in Karachi. There is no administration and no work. Nobody wants to work. No one cares about the most taxing city. There are mountons of garbage and pounds of rain and wastage water. All roads are prone of breakdowns causing, traffic flow disruptions and accidents daily. Nobody cares about cleaning and maintaining the city. All of there are completely administrative failure.
It was the golden period for Karachi, when Mustafa Kamal was the Nazim of Karachi. It was only time when Pakistan Peoples Party did not role in Sindh.
If a situation facing Karachi is facing Lahore, then the situation in Lahore would be worse than Karachi.

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