Is India’s Hindutvology above Universal Human Rights

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights is believed a milestone document, was proclaimed by UN on 10 Dec 1948 & sets out fundamental human rights to be universally protected. All the member states of UN are bound to follow this charter & pledges to cooperate with UN in observance of human rights charter but India is the state beyond all norms & standards. In view of these hundreds of hundreds of reports, thousands of thousands of cases, millions & millions of victims are witnessing that how much India regards Universal Human Rights. The first article states that man is born free & freedom is everyone’s birthright whereas India, in order to achieve Hindutva’s dream of ‘Punya Bhoomi Bharat’ working on a hegemonic design, despite 18 UNSC resolutions to resolve Kashmir issue by plebiscite she never regards of any & now completely adopt Kashmir as its colony. Asper article.2 everyone has equal rights beyond racial, religious, political, linguistic difference whereas there is no privilege for minorities & Dalits in pseudo-secular India & by article 4 of UN human rights charter slavery is prohibited but despite UNSC resolutions India has been held Kashmiris in slavery & Kashmir as its colony. Human rights abuses across the country, especially in Kashmir, is state policy, to suppress Kashmiris voice & keeping them under its slavery She imposed black laws like PSA & AFSPA which are license to kill, rape, torture, arbitrary detention & other inhumane treatments, such black laws being widely criticized periodically by several International bodies but India has no concern for that & keep continue its policy to accomplish the goal of Hindutva’s fabricated design of Punya Bhoomi Bharat. Indian consecutive human rights abuses are the greatest violations of UN human rights charter’s articles 5 to 14, in this regard, hundreds & hundred reports, thousands & thousands cases, lacs incidents, millions & millions of victims are witnessing that India is above all International norms. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, OHCHR, US Department of Human Rights & other international bodies’ reports are on record that human right abuses like forced disappearances, fake encounters, arbitrary detentions, harassment, rape & molestation of Muslim women at large are the part of Indian forces campaign against Kashmiris. It is being heard that in violation of Article 15 of Human Rights Charter India has set a plan to deprive Muslims from nationality & forcely limit them into refugee camps. Article 16 gives right of merry without any kind of limitations to full age man & woman but no one among Dalits, Muslims or other minority can merry with high caste hindu girl or boy, if any do so then he or she punished to death along with his family as well as the community by Hindutva activists. Article 17 protects one’s right to own property but It is widely seen that Muslims being deprived from their property, wealth & businesses by RSS’s hindutva mob, several incidents of looting & setting ablaze are on record. CJ Warleman, a reputed journalist was threatened lost count to rape her wife, daughter & mother by indian army & RSS’s terrorists on writing two articles on Jammu & Kashmir human rights abuses, in such a situation can we believe how much freedom of opinions one has according to article 18, 19 of UDHR. Use of pallet gun, straight firing & third degree torture by Indian forces in Kashmir & other parts of the country is common practice, a breach of Article 20. India is densely populous state has great number of gov’t employees but it is very ashamed that hardly 5 to 10 % are from Dalits, Muslims & other minorities, only high caste hindus have given privilege to avail this, A very famous scandal of a Muslim boy massively highlighted by media “A private organization rejected his CV due to his religion” & Dalits are forced to work not only against their will but also extra hours, a great jock with Article 21 to 24 in the mighty state of India. Minorities & Dalits specially Kashmiris have no privilege of getting an education, establishing their socio-cultural associations. There is no freedom of religion & religious practice even Gov’t adopted bill that no Dalit or other hindu can convert his/her religion while minorities especially Muslims & Christians are being forcibly converted into Hinduism, in Tripura 93 christian families were forcely converted into hinduism in January 2019, recently a judge of indian high court madras declared “christian educational institutions are highly unsafe for future of children”, forced chanting of Jai Sri Ram from Muslims & victimizing them with brutality are very common by state-sponsored saffron terrorist, interestingly no accuse being arrested & instead victim being prosecuted by police which directs that it is state policy. On worst situation of religious freedom in India UN & USA published their reports & shown great concern but the Hindutva saffronist gov’t has no care of any norm or standard, they have one point agenda of accomplishing Punya Bhoomi Bharat or Akhand Bharat. By its hegemonic design in view of hindutvology, India as a state badly affecting UN’s function of decolonization, maintaining global peace & social development, now it is the time for the international community to awake & makes sure of the fulfillment of UN Human Rights otherwise declare India is above all norms & standards.

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