Political instability threat to CPEC

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Outwardly Pakistan facing serious political instability & ruling party has faced serious political setbacks since October, recent developments taken place one after one indicating that troubles are brewing for the ruling party. Opposition parties expressed huge gain as Chief Justice of Pakistan suspended the notification of COAS’s extention & issues notice to Gov’t & Army Chief as well. Moreover, IHC going to deliver verdict in high treason case filed against Ex COAS Mosharraf Pervez & rejected the Gov’t petition of postponement, on another side foriegn funding case against ruling party is reopened on daily basis, these developments not only made opposition counterproductive but also create the chances of political unrest in the country. No doubt America & India both are unpleased with CPEC & BRA which views a threat to their hegemony & sole superpower status. To dismantle CPEC & BRI, there is zero chance of terror outbreaks after fencing Pak-Afghan border so there is still a big ikka of political unrest which can dismantle the CPEC. Soon back US Base paper published an article on Pakistan’s Courts entitled “Bitches of Riches” & after that Pak Judiciary seemed active specially in anti army position, It is pertinent to mention here that in result of Pak Army’s outstanding efforts have normalized security situation specially in Balochistan & FATA, eliminated all the internal menace and failed the policy to segregate Pakistan as well as subduing CPEC. As it is very clear that Pakistan military has strong control over the state policy & had altered security & foriegn policy to America. Since the policy shift The Pak Army is on prime target & a series of propagandas are running to disrespect them in the heart of nation, in this regard specific journos & political groups continouosly criticizing Army & accusing of intervening in politics while the fact is that Army has no compromise over state sovereignty and nation building process so foriegn hands can’t tolerate Army’s strong grip on state’s national security & foriegn policy. Today’s drama of suspension of COAS’s extention order & an organised propaganda campaign is not only enough to show political unrest but also creates widely confusion in the public which is a clear failure of Government. Already it is widespread believed that responsible for price hike is Khan’s Gov’t & taking advantage of this some invisible hands pointing Army as it is believed that they are on Khan’s back. So it is necessary for IK’s team to manage everything in a splendid manner so as opposition become fail to create aspect of political instability because The political stability is a pre-condition for the nation-building and nation-building is a process necessary for the survival and development of a nation. The process of nation-building works to fold, it works towards identity formation of a nation which results in integration of society, obviously an integrated society plays an important part into state-building that includes the development of administrative infrastructure of the state. The consequences of political stability are to be felt everywhere in the realms of economics, society and politics. Pakistan a nation having rich resources, fertile land, intelligent people, important strategic location, and being an atomic power is a case of serious political instability which is suffering from weak and ineffective external and internal policy making, discontinuation of policies, less coherent society, an obscure image on the global stage having its future questioned by the world.

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