Alpurai, Koza Alpurai hit by water crises

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SHANGLA: Residents of district headquarters Alpuri and Koz Alpuri in Shangla have been facing acute water shortage for the last several years, its dwellers compelled to fetch water from distant rivers and stream.

They told reporters here on Sunday that including district headquarters Alpuri, its surrounding villages, Koz Alpuri, Muta Khan have been lacking acute drinking water shortage for the last two years.

Imran Khan, a local said that over 60 thousands population’s area had been hit hard by the acute water shortage and forced its residents to fetch the water from distant river and stream in pitchers.

He said, local had been submitted several applications to administration and lawmakers for the water supply scheme but to no avail.

Latif Khan, another local said a scheme was initiated at the area but it left halfway by the contractor and water supply has not been started in the scheme due to which a major chunk of population suffering.

He said, people in the area complained to the concerned department severally but except visits no one moved for practical steps for sorting out the longstanding issue.

Suliman Khan, a local said the water shortage had badly hit the area and authorities did not step for resolving the water shortage problem of the area although their offices located at walking distance.

The Alpuri and Koz Alpuri residents demanded of the government and lawmakers to initiate a water supply scheme and repair the old schemes for the public so that they get rid of the water shortage problem.

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