Shangla girl schools face shortage of teachers

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Government girl schools in Shangla have been facing shortage of teachers after teachers transferred themselves through political approaches during the past three months which has badly impacted the female education in the district.
The officials in the female education department, Shangla said that almost all schools of the district had been facing the deficiency of teachers, particularly the science and mathematics academics.

The sources said there was not a single teacher of 17 and 18 scales for middle and high schools to be posted as a principal or headmistress and that was the biggest issue being faced by the female education department causing problems for the girl students in receiving education.

Omaima Bibi a 7th-grade student at GGHS Shang said since the transfer of 7 teachers from their school they had been facing problems in getting an education as there was no teacher to take the class.
She said it was the only female high school for the three union councils and because of the lack of educational facilities girls left schooling after primary education.

Roqia bibi another student said the GGHS Butyal at Shang had been facing a shortage of teaching staff for the last three months after non-local teachers transferred themselves through political approaches.
She said the government should hire local teachers at their school because non-local teachers were not happy in the school and used political approaches and transferred themselves from it.
“We want the government to fill the vacant posts of the teachers in the school because it is negatively impacting on our children’s education. My three daughters are enrolled in GHS Shang and could not send my children for education to other cities,” Haroon Rashid a village council chairman said.

Ihsanullah a local in Kormang said that their only girl primary school had been facing teachers shortage due to the non-availability of local female teachers in the area while the former teachers transferred around four months ago.
He said they had requested the deputy commissioner and education department officials for many times but they did not take practical steps for filling the vacant posts to open the school.
He added that their children go to the school and play for an hour and returned to home without classes when the teacher did not come to the school despite their children were eager to get education for their better future.
Kormang resident said the government high school also facing shortage of teachers only few teachers left after transfer of most teachers that caused problems for the students.

Parven Rehman, district education officer, Shangla also confirmed the shortage of teachers, especially the science and mathematics teachers.
She said the problem was that that Shangla consisted of hard terrains and far-off schools due to which non-local avoid to be posted in the remote schools as there was not local teachers.
DEO said that 17-18 teachers had not been posted by the directorate of education, most of the subject specialists posts were vacant in the district and she had written many requests to the department for filling the vacant posts.

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