Rising temperature in Sindh, causes

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The prevailing weather condition in Sindh particularly in Karachi is not friendly and the sun is scorching and now the likely heatwave has created uncertainty in the city.
The weather is very hot in Karachi these days. People are imprisoning at home. Eid celebrations are on these days, people need to go outside from their houses go for picnic go to meet with their relatives and for some other visits, but they don’t go anywhere in this vulnerable weather, people only can visit the sea side and beach side in this harsh weather. A huge amount of people are visiting the sea side to balance their intensity of temperature. Unfortunately we haven’t had any preparation in our most houses, especially the lower class, or small houses for securing us for this type of weather. developing and the least developed countries are expected to suffer more due to climate change as compared to the developed countries.

Karachi and around cities are affected by the rough summer weather, health issues are rising with this and people are affected by different fevers and disease, like dehydration, heat stroke, sun burn, skin rashes, chicken pox, measles, Stomach Ailments and Rabies etc, Old age, young women and children are included in diseased and affected people. Sick and fevered people are remaining in the hospital stuck three days of Eid in Karachi. Scale of temperature in Celsius are remain between 38 to 46 degrees in Karachi, Badin minimum 37 C to maximum 40 C and at night minimum 25 C to maximum 30 C, Hyderabad minimum 43 C to maximum 48 C and at night minimum 31 C to maximum 33 C, Jacobabad minimum 47 C to maximum 50 C and at night minimum 36 C to maximum 37 C, Mirpur minimum 46 C to maximum 49 C and at night minimum 34 C to maximum 37 C, Mitthi minimum 43 C to maximum 40 C and at night minimum 28 C to maximum 31 C, Nawabshah minimum 47 C to maximum 50 C and at night minimum 32 C at night minimum 36 C to maximum 36 C, Rohri minimum at minimum of 37 C to a minimum of 37 C and at night minimum of 37 C. Climate imbalance is the reason of this tough weather we have to be aware of by scientific reasons in this regard, Pakistan is already in the high temperature region, has variable nature for climate, Asian countries have more highest mountains, Indus and Arabian sea, Indus Delta is located in the intense heat area and any rise in temperature.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department,

“Climate of earth followed natural variable behavior in the 19th century but a significant rise in temperature on earth started from World War-I. After a little fall, it was further triggered by the Second World War and industrialization in the 1940s, causing an accelerated increase in global temperature and booming the national economies at the cost of environment.”

A regular increase in heat level causes expansion of sea water to raise the level of sea with the change of sea environmental interaction. The reason for increase in heat level not only by sea water but also less numbers of plantation in under discussion areas, less numbers of plants increase the amount of carbon dioxides as well as we are not able to make the Oxygen, there are some other reasons for increase in temperature, like artificial plantation green house gases, traffic pollution in cities, aerosol means which liquids uses as vaporizers increase in uses Of lands, electric wave also takes part in climate change, they decline the power of tolerance of living organisms and bad for Ozone layer.

According to the Researchers of the world, more than 200 million people in 340 cities are serving heat wave problem for three months a year and a group of cities near enough to climate movement;

we talk with the specialists and Doctors for more awareness in this regard. Doctors and Specialists recommend some methods for saving by heat waves and tough weather in summer, they refer us, first of all we should keep plants in our houses or do plantation in our own area, maximum number of Plants decrease temperature level, during the visit or if we go outside the home must keep a water bottle with us, don’t go outside from home without necessary work, use simple and healthy watery foods, keep away from oily and fast foods. At the time of heat stroke attack we should keep our heads and feet wet with wet clothes and shower our body with cold water. Must ensure our body gets at least 1.5 to 2 liters of liquid a day. Juicy fruits are also the main sources of liquid lying in the body






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