Police Reforms and torture culture in criminal investigation

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A couple of months ago, a man died in police custody at police station Karora Shangla. The man was arrested by police on charges of possessing 110 gram hashish. This tragic incident unveils the weaknesses of criminal investigation in Pakistan.
Criminal Investigation is a Multi-step process activated after the commission of a crime.
Interrogation, inter alia, is the most crucial stage of the criminal investigation, in which suspects are questioned referring to their involvement in the activity.
The objective of interrogation is eliciting confessions, and during interrogation, the suspect is detained in a small room and left to experience the anxiety, insecurity, and uncertainty associated with police interrogation.
In Pakistan, unfortunately, torture is widely used by the investigation officers as a method to extract confessions from the suspect. The Human Rights of the accused are violated in the process of investigation. There are various physical tortures used by police during the criminal investigation including slapping on the face, beating by the stick on any place of body, keeping person long time to wake up by using various tactics, pulling out the nails or pricking of the needle below nails and the list goes on. These unprofessional acts lead to the deaths of detainees.
The above-mentioned flaws in the process of interrogation are of serious concern and must be fixed effectively. First of all, an investigator must be provided with specific training to investigate different crimes.
For major offenses like murder, rape, fraud investigators should have relevant expertise to investigate that crime.
Moreover, a clear investigation procedure should be made in order to give guidelines and instructions to the investigator while dealing with different cases.
Equally important, investigation in Pakistan can never yield the best results unless investigators develop an impartial professional attitude. Besides this, the provincial government should build separate investigation rooms in police stations and install cameras there. The investigation officer should ensure the maintenance of the accused record during the investigation. The performances of Investigation officers should be monitored by other officers. This record should always be available and the negligent must be held accountable.

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  1. Muhammadzakir

    10/26/2020 at 1:57 pm

    Great.. Proud of u bro


  2. Abbas Ahmad

    10/27/2020 at 12:53 am

    Police consider him the powerful b/c there is no accuntbilty for such police offecrs….. Invistgations must b n proper way…. we should stnd together to stop such nonsens acts…. We need to enforce some rules nd regulation… But Unfortuntly in pakistan there is no rules, regulation nd punshmnt for those who do a outrageous act in the lap of law….


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