Is Tor Gul breeding the culture of online accountability?

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Since the dissolution of the KP assembly, voices have been raised for accountability of the members of the parliament. Meanwhile, a Facebook Account named Toor Gul from Swat district is unveiling the malpractices of the parliamentarian they undertook during their government.

The account is followed by thousands in just less than a week. The account shares exact details of any malpractices: who facilitated whom? Toor Gul updates people regarding the nature of corruption with reasonable arguments. He mentioned the name of a person and his full address along with the job description.

Sometimes, the account posts a picture of the person involved in the corruption. Most of his posts are related to corruption in jobs and the misappropriation of funds in developmental projects. People’s response is robust but maybe they take it as fun. But it’s not a joke merely. It’s a paradigm shift.

Is democracy meaningless without vigilant accountability? Does an individual endeavor for accountability make sense? Is it effective? The answer to the first question is as clear as a broad day light__ no democracy flourishes in the absence of accountability rather it turns into the tyranny of a few. However, the second question can be answered either way. Some people believe it will bear no fruit. At the same time, optimists, and I count myself with them, claim that Toor Gul has provided a hunting ground for a truly democratic culture.

In participatory political culture, all people give input to the political system. They assess the decision of the parliaments with great precision and a pragmatic approach. In this way, they make the political system more workable and effective.

Coming back to Toor Gul. He provided a platform and shared ten stories, for instance. But real stories. The politicians denied them as it’s not unusual. People are already at a trigger point against the corrupt practices of politicians. Almost everyone has a story to narrate with evidence. People from across Malakand Division would share the stories of such malpractices. Politicians would deny it, but at the same time, people will come to know their dark side. The trust of the voter would be eroded and their, politicians, and political careers at stake.

Is it not breeding a culture of mass accountability? Those who have taken the benefits would come to light. They receive and face online hate and criticism. Above all, politicians will become more concerned regarding their careers and will take extra care before taking a such step in the future. Moreover, it discredited the belief of the politicians and their cronies that no one knows. Everyone knows now.

Your yesterday’s secrets are today’s point of discussion on social media. In such an environment, despite care, no one will try to bring himself into online justice. Toor Gul is not a single man, he is a civil society. He checks the corruption of politicians.

In developed countries, why leaders are so responsible? The first answer comes because they have a sense of being honest. But it’s worth remembering that human is selfish by nature. He works tirelessly for his vested interests even at the cost of national interest. What stops him is the system of the country and the level of rationality of his voters. Democracy takes root in a society where there is education, tolerance, pluralism, and the right to dissent. People with such democratic values can make their leaders more accountable compared to those who don’t possess such norms. Tor Gul Khan Facebook account

However, it’s condemnable that Pakistan’s anti corruptions institutes show a lackluster approach toward such corrupt people despite all possible evidence. This institution can be manipulated very easily. To legalize corruption they involve themselves in corrupt practices.

Nevertheless, people can make their local leaders accountable with such tactics. Toor Gul seems, unlike his DP, the most talented and empowered person. We need thousands of such people who not only criticize such practices through social media outlets but also bring politicians to justice by using their vote to the right person.

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