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The man standing with a stick in one hand and a rope in another is a low grade employee in forest department Gilgit, deputed to safeguard forests at Minawar area of Gilgit. While those lying on ground are the ones allegedly involved in illegal cutting of trees.
On a routine round of his beat in Minawar area of Gilgit, the guard spotted the men cutting the trees. The guard, believed to be accompanied by another colleague, went after the thieves and were able to overpower them after stiff resistance.
They tied hands of the criminals with a rope – as they lacked handcuffs – to ensure they don’t run away.
The criminals are now formally arrested and will be produced before a judge.
I was just wondering why the poor guard took so pains to do his duty, putting his own life in jeopardy.
Who could have watched him in the forest miles away from bosses sitting in comfortable offices in the city had he let them go in return for some money or otherwise?
But perhaps he had nothing to do with the bosses and their deeds. He was sincere with the job he was hired for. A rare case indeed.
I wish if we had more of forests guards than ‘officers’ we would have saved precious forests reserves from timber mafia over the years.
This man is our hero

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