Local nature lovers explored new tourists sites in Shangla valley

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SHANGLA: Local nature lovers have explored several hidden tourists places in Shangla during Eid vacations and after, tourists groups visited the upper scenic parts and vowed to explore more new destinations.

District Shangla of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is known for natural beauty, resources, Fruits orchards, springs, singing waterfalls and rivers but its most historical and picturesque tourists points were remained hidden.
Recently during Eid holidays and after, local adventurists flocked to the peaks of the district and explored hidden and breathtaking, attractive places.

“We in a group of cousins, friends and relatives planed a trip to Kandaw of Lelonai which was remained unexplored but I could not tell you what I witnessed and enjoyed in Kandaw. I found Kandaw is a heaven on the earth,” Ali Imran Yousafzai, a local nature lover told The Northern Post.
He said, Kandaw is located in Lelonai near the district headquarters Alpuri, where Jabba, Chena are also situated in Lelonai area.

Ali Baaz Khan, a resident of Bely Baba said that including him many groups had reached Shalkho Sar, which is comprising on lush green meadows, thick forests and waterfalls, while its weather was incredible.
He said, Shalkho Sar located at about 800 feet above sea level in Ghorband region.

“It took an hour and half from Bely baba bazaar, 40 minutes travel was by road in mini jeep and 50 minutes climbing through a track. It was an incredible experience of my life and we have taken photos in the lush green valley for making the tripe memorable,” the nature lover said.

Gogal Nawaz, a folk singer and social activist, said Shumanu Banda is also fallen in the premises of Lelonai, it has unique features, vast meadows, thick forests and interestingly the Shumanu peaks are still caped in snow and temperature was in minus.
He said, it was his 8th trip to Shumanu Banda in his life, while this time he took his friends from Swat, similarly, about 5 to 8 groups were already present at the site.
Mazhar Ali, a tourist from Swat told The Northern Post that it was an amazing experience, they enjoyed pleasant weather and delicious foods cooked by them in the hill top.
He complained about bad condition of road, saying that the travel took  approximately 2 hours by road in jeeps and two hours foot walk up to hills.
Najeeb Shehzad, a local said, Karal is also located in Ghorband and a rough road leads to it from Bely Baba and also pedestrians track.
He said there is a vast lake and attractive meadows, also drinking water springs.
He said, government should build roads to these tourists places and explore it nationally and internationally which will help in increasing the country’s economy.
“We wanted explore every historical, ancient places and beautiful tourists destinations, which remained hidden and were not identified. We welcome tourists from all over the globe, hopefully they would be served with hospitality,” Mian Safir, an adventurist said.
He said, Shangla needs just roads, however local people are enthusiastic to start businesses at these points and earn livelihood for their loved ones.
The nature loves also thronged Bruj banda, Ajmir, Jehaz banda, Kapar Banda, Pir Sar and other high hills and still continued going to these spots and exploring hidden places.

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