Kolai, Batera, Madakhel Abad residents rejected headquarters notification

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SHANGLA: Residents of Kolai Pallas Kohistan district have threatened the provincial government that if the newly issued notification of the district headquarters was not withdrawn, they would block Karakoram Highway and not let administration of entering to Pallas.
Large number of angered protesters have staged protest at Jinah Park Bisham here on Tuesday. Chanting slogans against the Chief minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and elected MPA Mufti Ubaid-Ur-Rehman, the protesters set deadline to the government of March, 8, for withdrawal of recently issued notification of the district headquarters.
“The previous government of KP had issued a notification of Batera on May, 24, 2018, for the district headquarters, which is accessible to both Pallas and Kolai tehsils masses, but the current government has issued another notification over the notification by declaring Pallas as district headquarters of the KPK’s district,” Said, Haji Amir Zada, known as Malak Maqash.
He said the government cheated with them, without taking them in consent gave decision in favour of their opponents.
“Issuance of notification of Pallas means that CM wants bloodshed among the two tehsil tribes, We are ready to fight with the opponents in this case because the government and rival MPA has made fun of us,” Abdul Wahab, another speaker said.
Abdur Rehman, another elder, said that they can never tolerate injustice of the government, which was chanting hollow slogans of change and justice during the election campaign, they are united and could move to every step against the government decision.
“We will not let any district administration representative, including DC, AC and other staff entering to Pallas unless our issue was not resolved, administration would responsible for any unwanted incident occur with it” Said, Muhammad Ayoub Kaluch, one of the protesters.
He added that the Jirga of Madakhel Abad, Kolai and Batera has unanimously rejected the notification issued by the CM’s KP, Mehmood Khan on February 28.
Mulana SHer Muhammad, claimed that the former CM Pervez Khatak had resolved the dispute of two tribes by considering Batera, a third place for the headquarters but the current CM again created uncertainty among the people which may lead to bloodshed.
He said the current CM should consider the previous notification of Batera for permanently sorting out the longstanding dispute.
“We voted to Pakistan Tehrik-I-Insaf and also campaigned for it during the last general elections but in respond we got punishment of de-notifying Batera as the newborn district headquarters,” Said, Badar Zaman.
He said CM Mehmood Khan should review his decision and take Kolai, Batera and Madakhel residents in consent, so that local residents could not move to killing each others.
The protesters set deadline of March, 8 for withdrawn of re-notification, otherwise they will block Karakoram Highway for all sorts of traffic and bar the administration from entering Pallas.

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