Indian hegemonic ideology, threat to global peace

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colonialism still exist, Kashmir is the only colony and unresolved conflict in the modern world, 71 year back while countries like UK, France, Spain, Italy etc were liberating their colonies, the nation of the world focusing to stop expansionism. At that time newly born hindutva state of india, through an armed invasion and aggression occupied many states who were given right of free choice by british whether they accede with pakistan india or keep remain status of free state but India did not regard any principle and captured forcely many states in northeast region, Hyderabad and Kashmir, Since then it has brutally killed lacs of people. Unpublished sundarlal report was leaked by BBC stated that hindutva terrorist and indian army killed more than 40 thousands, thousands of women were raped in hyderabad in so called operation “operation polo”. The whole of north eastern region including Manipur Asaam, Nagland are witnessed how indian army butchered mankind, thousands of people were killed their by indian army just to quench hindutva desire of expansionism. In the same way, to concretize its hegemonic agenda India has deployed more than 700000 security forces in th state of Jammu and Kashmir, since beginning they are engaged in a brutal campaign against innocent kashmiries in order to suppress their legitimate right of self determination. According to UN charter’s article 1 “the right of self determination is the fundamental right”. It is also overarching principle of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) to which india is signatory. Untill now UN security council adopted 18 resolution on kashmir dispute which are clearly pronounced that kashmir would be given right of self determination. it is however regrettable that instead following international law, India pushing the world to the old times, subjugating defenceless innocent kashmiries through barbaric act, inhuman & violent means to suppress their voice and perpetuating hindutv ideology of expansionism whose main objectives is to free India from all other religions except hinduism. To suppress kashmiries’ voice and to perpetuate its occupation Indian state imposed some black laws such as (1) Jammu and Kashmir public safety act 1978 which authorized forces to detain a person without any trial for two years, a clear violation of international human rights which allows right of free trial to every one. (2) Armed forces special power act 1990, This act gives indian forces lisence to kill which is against International norms & standards on use of force, even Ex Indian V.President Hamid Ansari himself stated that there were frequent complaints about the misuse of these laws. also TADA 1990 & POTA 2002, These black laws gives indian forces impunity on genocide, rape, torture. Indian forces in Kashmir committing heinous crimes & human rights violations, being reported time to time by Human rights orgnisations. In 1994, Human Rights Watch report summarized it “hallmark” of brutalities & further stated the extrajudicial killing in Kashmir are the matter of policy and alike in 1995, Amnesty International report. Thousands of innocent Kashmiries were become blind due to use of banned pallet gun by Indian forces in Kashmir. State Human Rights Commision inquiry in 2011 confirmed that there are thousands of bullet riddled bodies are burried in unmarked graves in Jammu & Kashmir. Soon back Indian Army Chief gives controversial statement which further exploit to authorize genocide & aggresion by Indian forces, now the result is seems clearly that 50 thousands more troops have sent to the region after Trump’s statement of mediation & imposed curfew in whole region. Barbarism & Gennocide is underway which is threat to the global peace as British MP David Ward stated that “four wars have been fought between India & Pakistan so far on Kashmir issue, its an unforgotten unresolved conflict, not only threat to the regional peace but to the global peace as the both states are nuclear power”. On Indian barbarism Kashmiri leader Sayyad Ali Gillani appealed to world to safeguard them by stopping their genocide & Indian state brutalities. In view of this, its the time for the world to take action to avoid another Holocaust. Time to resolve issue of Kashmir according to UN resolutions & to discourage Indian hegemonic design of expansionism or colonialism for the sake of global peace.

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