Future of Possibilities 2029 to be launched on 31st December

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Karachi: Pakistan State of Future Index – The Future of Possibilities 2029 will be launched on 31st December 2019. The index features two new variables, internal and external debt bringing the composition of the variables up to 32. Previously in 2017 AGAHI launched Foresight Lab’s first ever publication of Pakistan State of Future Index ‘Anticipating 2027’. A 10-year future index composed of 30 variables that indicated whether the future is getting better or worse, showing 30-year trends of improvement and decline.

This Year AGAHI has taken a leap forward training almost 200 faculty members from different universities in Pakistan; assisting them to The core objective of the Training is to help academics understand Foresight Lab`s research and its utility through Realtime Delphi (RTD) technique and concept of RTD tool, consideration and usage of the State of Future Index (SOFI) variables. Ishaat Saboor Khan, Registrar, Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad commented that “The Pakistan State of the Future Index is a research effort and has the potential of assisting the decisionmaker in drafting and assessing policy frameworks, prioritizing research and development programmes, and in creating investment opportunities. The Realtime Delphi training session at the IST was extremely useful, the platform equips the academia to track developments on research ideas and concepts to improve the socio-economic, political and cultural challenges confronted by the society”.

Pakistan State of Future Index (PK-SOFI) is a mechanism used for studying relationships among the drivers of change, identifying unintended consequences while creating avenues of opportunities. The State of Future Index was developed by AGAHI’s partner institute the Millennium Project as an effort to measure the changing state of the future. The index shows whether the conditions, globally and nationally, promise to get better or worse. In 2000, 15 global challenges identified were incorporated for the study to form the statistical foundation. China, South Korea, South Africa, Kuwait, Azerbaijan and Turkey are among the countries with national SOFIs along with some in Latin America, Central Europe and North America.

In the upcoming report; we are hoping to publish some fascinating and wide range of research done by our network – some of which should include; History of ICT in Pakistan, A human-centered approach to understanding and assessing Gender Parity in the country, How to look at Karachi, Governance and Accountability framework, along with trend impact analysis said Puruesh Chaudhary Founder and President AGAHI, Founder Foresight Lab.

AGAHI’s objective with the Foresight Lab is to create and foster an ecology of foresight perspectives in Pakistan and enable decision-makers to opt for appropriate policy choices and establish strategic narrative in support. The Purpose of the Lab is to apply data-driven foresight research methods and techniques that pivots on improving the well-being of the people of Pakistan.

AGAHI a not for profit organization established in Islamabad in 2011 under the Society Registration Act 1860. It promotes, encourages and advises individuals and institutions in pursuing and supporting initiatives to improve the state of future developments in Pakistan. AGAHI in association with several leading national and international partners focuses on creating shared spaces for interactive learning, collaborative thinking, and knowledge sharing. It is at the forefront of devising foresight research and future scenarios work in Pakistan. AGAHI works with highly motivated and qualified professionals who have substantial experience in learning and leadership development.

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