Women Empowerment and Islam

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Islam, a complete code of conduct, which advocates humanity at every at very walk of life. Islam’s arrival was the utmost need of time where the world was engulfed with darkness and tyranny. In the days of ignorance, before the advent of Islam, humanity suffered a lot in every aspect. Women were amongst them, who were in worst conditions. They were the most suppressed section and they were deprived from their fundamental rights. Women were labelled as the worst part of society. The socioeconomic conditions of woman were pathetic. In there worst days of darkness, advent of Islam has sparked a new hope for women. This darkness was illuminated with promising rights for them. Islam ensured their due rights and bestowed then a great dignity in social and economic affairs
Islam ensured all social protections to them, which are, right to acquiring education, equality with man, prime rights to take decision in choosing life partner, and verily right to take decision in her life.
Most importantly, west realized these fundamental rights after 19th century after a chain of protest and struggle in favour of women whereas Islam has openly acknowledged these rights in fourteen century ago.
Islam has bestowed a distinct status to women in the society. Islam urges man to give respect and protect honour in all blood relations, be it mother, sister, or wife. Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P. B. U. H) said that “Heaven lies under the foot of mother. Islam has protected the rights in very perspective. Anyone who is disrespectful to his mother, will be deprived from salvation and he wouldn’t able to breath in heaven. Similarly, Islam has enhanced the dignity of woman as a wife and daughter. Daughter are the greatest blessing of Allah who brings a lot of happiness in the life. Wife is an important character to balance a good life. The Holy Quran urges the significance of woman with different assertions.
Education is considered as an important duty to be understood in order to ensure awareness and advanced technology in this modern era. Educating woman is a sole purpose to empower them with technology and advancement. Education is an important weapon in a society which imparts empowerment in woman. Islam declared as mandatory duty to acquire education for both male and female. Thus, Islam protects women in social life.
Islam has granted an equal status to man and woman in society. These two characters are the two main important pillars to stabilize life. Islam has also exalted woman from tough task owing to some intrinsic physical inequality. Man is responsible to help out the economic affairs. It doesn’t mean that women are to be bounded within four walls. She is given freedom to work in order to help his family economically. However, woman suits best as taking care of her family as housewife.
Islam gives freedom to woman to take decisions regarding her life. She has firm right to choose her life partner. She can also help her husband in making decisions related domestic affairs. She can also play her significant role in giving healthy ideas. Islam never discourages her in giving freedom of speech. Islam has given freedom of speech a long years ago which west is striving for even today.
Islam has urged rights to woman not only in social matters but it has also ensured her protection in economic affairs. Islam has stressed the need to work together in order to help manually. Islam has made the mandatory duty for man to make sure the economic needs of family whereas woman is supposed to work at home related to household matters. Islam didn’t make woman restricted to feed children however she can ask for money to feed the kids. Islam is much confident in working together to cater the economic issues.
Islam was the first religion which recognizes woman to own property. In this way the get rid of financial issues. So, they become independent economically. On the contrary, it took several years, west didn’t acknowledge this right yet.
In Islamic law, woman is entitled to inheritance. They are openly granted due shares in inheritance. The share of woman is half to man. Though they are exempted from taking part in economic affairs due to some physical inequality but Islam protected them economically giving them share in inheritance.
There are many misconceptions as west spreads propaganda against Islam that Islam does not give right her to take divorce from husband. It is attributed to several reasons. Women are usually emotional and they don’t think with cool head while taking decisions whereas men are calmed in taking decisions and consider every aspect before giving any verdict. Therefore, Islam denies woman this right. However, women can seek divorce from man.
From all above discussions, it is illustrated that woman is given an equal status in a society. Islam has protected them in social and economic affairs. Islam has bestowed them with dignity and respect. She has given rights to get education. She has also given right to own her property.

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