Uplift schemes inaugurated in Kalash Valley Chitral

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CHITRAL: The Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mehmood Khan is interested in the uplift of Chitral and has allocated billions of rupees for several developmental schemes.
It was stated by Wazir Zada, special assistant to CM on Minority affairs during the inaugural ceremonies of different developmental and renovation schemes at Rumboor.
He said that in Kailash Valley and all over Chitral. No other government has done so much in the past, He said that the graveyard of Kailash tribe has been completed and we have bought six kanals of land. We have also bought more than three kanals of land to celebrate Kailash festival. Similarly, the Kailash Valley road has also been handed over to the National Highway Authority on which work will start soon. We need Rs. 2.9 billion to buy land and we are also demanding this amount from the federal Govt by rebuilding PC-1 of Kailash road will be constructed at a cost of Rs. 7.7 billion.
For the development of Kailash valleys Kailash Valleys Development Authority has been set up for the first time for which the Deputy Commissioner has been given the additional charge of Director General in which he will have his own fund for the construction and development of Kailash.. The work of forest permit will also be handed over to the tourism department. He said that Kailash women move to a special building during menses period and maternity which is called Bashalini in our language. Work has also started with the approval of Rs. 6 million for the construction of compound walls of Bashalini in Rimbor. He said that for the first time such a government has come in the province that spending a huge amount on renovation of traditional houses of Kalash community so as to attract more tourists in the scenic valley. . I have given Rs. 3 million for this village which will repair fifty houses of Kailash people according to Kailash culture.

He said that 200 feet protection Bund would be constructed in Bran Guru village with a fund of Rs. 35 lakh for safety so that this village would not be damaged by floods. A 200-protection bund will also be constructed in Chak Goron village, which has also been approved.

To protect the oak tree and settle the barren land, water will be provided for growing crops and an irrigation canal will be constructed at a cost of Rs. 13 million. We will supply pipes from Siphon Irrigation at a cost of Rs. 20 million for Kailash Gram and the land in this area will be irrigated.

Rs 20 million has also been sanctioned in Chak Guru village. Rs. 24 lakhs have been earmarked for the canal of Kailash Gram village which was destroyed in the recent floods and Rs. Rs. 3 million has been allocated for Chow Cho Gol Sheikhanda to irrigate the land by supplying water to these areas.

The condition of roads will also be improved. I have sanctioned Rs. 10.6 Million for the road from Dubash to Rimbor, Rs. 10.8 million for Bamburit and Rs. 10 M for Barir road.

We had bought land for graveyard for the people of Kailash and I will also buy a graveyard land for the Muslims community too at a cost of Rs. 3 million. The primary school in Sheikhanda has been up-graded to middle status so that the people there do not face any difficulty in getting education.

He said that when Chief Minister Mehmood Khan came on the occasion of floods, he had sanctioned Rs. 54 crore for various projects. He urged the people to apply for it and funds would be sanctioned for them where needed. Similarly, Mahmood Khan has sanctioned Rs 10 million for Bamburit and Rs 10 million for repair of Rambor canals. He said that this journey of development will continue and we will maintain the atmosphere of love and peace and brotherhood between Muslims and Kailash in our valleys at all costs so that no obstacle stands in the way of our development ۔ He said that Pakistan is the safest country for minorities and every minority community here performs their religious rites very freely. On the contrary, Muslims and Sikhs are being persecuted in our neighboring country India. He appealed to the United Nations to impose sanctions on India so that it does not oppress minorities. He said that we Kailash people have been living in these valleys for 2500 years in which our Muslim brothers have played a major role and without their cooperation we cannot live so freely. And because of their love, the people of Kailash are very safe and extraordinary facilities are being provided to the minorities here.

Talking to our correspondent, Wazirzada said that Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mehmood Khan has a lot of love and interest with Chitral and soon he will come here and inaugurate several big projects.

, Wazirzada Kailash said that various development projects have been inaugurated in Rambor Kailash Valley today and roads of Kailash Valley will be constructed soon so that tourists do not face any difficulty in transportation. Be

Azeemullah, Sub-Divisional Officer, Irrigation Department, said that Kailash Gram Irrigation Scheme was inaugurated which would provide water to 30 acres of land. Similarly, various schemes are being worked on and these projects will be completed at a cost of Rs. 70 crore. Work is also underway for a new scheme in Ayun, Bamburit, Rimbor etc. and for next season.

These projects will be completed.

Meraj, Engineer, Local Government and Rural Development Department, said that our organization has constructed a protective wall etc. for Bashalini at a cost of Rs. 6 million Work has been done on these projects at a cost of Rs. 6 million and something is happening.

On this occasion, relief checks of Rs. 19 lakh were also distributed among the flood victims in Kailash Valley Rambor. Sheikh Inayatullah said that Wazirzada not only works for the Kailash tribe but also has a very good mindset for the Muslims and is also working on various development projects for them.

Akram Hussain Kailash, in-charge of Bamburit Museum, said that Kailash people celebrate four festivals a year in which traditional dances and religious songs are sung but there was very little space for this festival. Three kanals and seven marlas of land have been purchased which has been handed over to our department and walls will be constructed on it in which the people of Kailash will be able to perform their religious rites very easily. The people of the area expressed their happiness over the inauguration of these development projects and thanked Wazirzada as well as Provincial Chief Minister Mahmood Khan

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