Snow Leopard Foundation Commemorates World Wildlife Day 2024

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Islamabad – Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF) celebrated World Wildlife Day alongside community members from Gilgit Baltistan, AJK, and Chitral at Margalla Hills Islamabad. This annual global event serves as a poignant reminder of wildlife’s vital role in our lives and the urgent need for conservation efforts worldwide.
World Wildlife Day is a day to honor the rich diversity of our planet’s flora and fauna and to recognize the interconnectedness between humans and wildlife. In mountain communities, wildlife and biodiversity-based resources are integral to meeting various needs, from sustenance to cultural practices.
To mark this significant day, SLF organized an awareness hike titled “Nature Walk and Talk,” engaging participants in discussions about wildlife conservation and preserving natural habitats. The event also featured a session led by Deputy Director SLF, Dr. Jaffer Ud Din, who highlighted the significance of World Wildlife Day and underscored the crucial role of conservation efforts in Pakistan’s mountainous regions.
Dr. Shoaib Hameed of SLF conducted a practical demonstration on camera trapping and wildlife monitoring techniques, showcasing innovative methods employed in wildlife conservation. Participants expressed appreciation for these technological advancements and shared personal stories of their conservation initiatives within their communities.
In a message regarding World Wildlife Day, Director SLF, Dr. Muhammad Ali Nawaz, emphasized the importance of supporting government initiatives to mitigate climate change, reduce emissions, and protect biodiversity. SLF remains committed to collaborating with governmental bodies and empowering local communities engaged in conservation activities.
Deputy Director SLF, Dr. Jaffer Ud Din, reiterated the urgent need to combat wildlife crime and the human-induced reduction of species, emphasizing SLF’s multifaceted approach to conservation, which includes scientific research, awareness and education, and community-based initiatives.
World Wildlife Day is a call to action, inspiring ongoing efforts to protect and preserve our planet’s precious biodiversity. SLF remains dedicated to connecting people with the natural world and fostering a culture of conservation for generations to come.

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