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It is true to let go of certain things can open the door to true contentment of life, which might lead you to the success. It is commonly observed that a very minute thing sabotages our inner peace. When your plan backfires, what happens to you? You lose your mental peace, your thought get fugitive. You evade yourself to retain sangfroid. Why every time, the things, the feelings, the people who walk out from your life, all the temporary assets give you a permanent damage. Why do we let someone harm us? Why are we so feeble to sustain our inner peace in a temporary loss?
Life is a process in which you simply cannot go from A to B point easily. Sometimes, it takes time. Your every failure is a detour. Every pain has a gain. Every act which is failed owning to any reason, every relation which is broken up, teaches a lesson. Hens Selye says, ‘it is not stress that kills us; it is our reaction to it; Try to trigger your reaction in a positive way. Not every time, would this happen, you get hundred percent of every thing. Contrast enhances the beauty of a particular thing. You may face the opposition in several aspects and walks of life. To give it a chin up face is essential to restore your mental peace.
If something costs you your peace, put it under your shoe. This is the mantra of success. Not every time we splurge our energy, our peace on these petty things and trifles. I am stronger than my feelings. I am stronger when I am broke. I am stronger without you. You left me, yet I am growing. This is me. I can do, I can achieve, I can perform far better without you. See my success, I am touching the sky. “The moon has not light, yet it is shining, similarly, at times we think we do not have any spark, suddenly a mishap happens and it provokes all our energies, our powers and we let them shine to dazzle the eyes of the world. Only a single accident, which has a silver lining, makes you a ‘cynosure’. All the eyes are at you.
You have to have a control over your life. Do not make yourself a slave of your life. Take it reigns, rule upon it. You have a regular clear-out. Clutter can add to feelings and tensions which we cannot put up with further. Keep in mind no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Never let anyone, anything rain down their negativity on you and your peace. It is too expensive yet cheap in the dichotomy in the philosophy of life to buy a cheap thing after paying a hefty amount. Please keep this in mind, no one can always live in a state of grief and in a state of euphoria. Sometimes, we bereave while sometimes, we are nostalgic due to an unpleasant past feeling. But this is not meant we quit to live a life. We have to control our body, our temper and our mind to conquer our peace. It is our greatest tool and our considerable achievement.
What are the simplest ways to achieve our mental peace?
A few of the techniques help you out to regain your power, position and restore your inner peace easily.
Spend your time with nature. Walk daily. Drink plenty of water. Have a pet to share your soliloquy. Exercise daily. Release and share positive vibes in the community. Love everyone. Pay attention on your achievements not on your failures. Make ways to get better. Plant gratitude. you can sit in meditation, enjoy the people you love, and get outside to see the beautiful universe at work this spring. The insecurities of our mind, which are rampant must get the worst answers, so let them be. Be happy, this would be the conclusion of all our insecurities.
All the things are after your mental peace. And, remember one thing,
Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. (Albert Einstein)
Understand yourself. Take the all hold of your feelings, do not let anyone destroy you, shatter you in a million shards of glass. You can write your own destiny. Hold your pen now to write…

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