Peshawar Bleeds! Where is National Action Plan Stands?

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Tariq Ijaz Mian

Good leadership is the guarantee of the development and protection of the country and the nation but in Pakistan the situation is different from the other countries, hence, what we are facing today.
Peshawar Police Line Attack (PPLA) has just surprisingly validated that there is lack of leadership in Pakistan but it is need of the hour to have a good leadership. It’s we who can make the hell out of the heaven and the heaven out of the hell.

Moving forward to history, Quaid, the great leader of Pakistan, left no stone unturned and gave us a new sovereign state. Without his consistent struggle, nothing would have been possible. Moreover, this soil is still fresh and fertile. Iqbal once propounded, that hope is the thing with feathers. Since then, the night prolonged considerably and didn’t yield dawn.

Whatsoever is the case, Shakespeare’s words cannot be overlooked that the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings. This is still twisting in the air whether or not we are combusting our future. This could be illustrated that education keeps no meaning to us.

This doesn’t let the flame burn in us, leading to the compromise of our assets in all ways. This sheer negligence can be a double-edged sword and rather a peril than a promise. An educated mind foresees what others can wait and see. The future is in our hands, those assuming high ranks matter the most. They blow or glow us. Hence Illiteracy and critical thinking are missing among us– leading to repercussions. This cannot be acquitted without education. Education can help us secure our future by enabling us who will rule us, who will bring glory, and who will end up blasting and blistering us.

Education always pays back. No education means No brains. We cast votes randomly. Multiple reasons bound us to vote for a person who is not meant to be the boss. Thus, quality suffocates. The election is not merely an election, we decide our future.

We must think about whom we elect! Bad selection always puzzles. Therefore, education is a must to get out of the mud.

Upon electing an inefficient person, we throw ourselves into the floods. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Unfortunately, the case is reversed: No! No! Easy lies the head that easily avails the crown. To be explicit, a one-party ruling can lead to multiple failures. Efficiency comes from a reasonable election. And whom to select and whom not is based on education and critical thinking.

One, having been elected unmeritorious, moves us to heaven and earth by designing poor policies. We cannot predict where it will land us.
We show zero response and suffer pathetically. We shall always be destined for pain and suffering without thinking well and electing well. The capability to analyze the possible repercussions of some ill-designed policies, to stand, to object, and to ask, is strictly linked with education.

Another bad aspect could be that we will no longer be able to ask for our rights. Right is only right when one knows what is wrong and what is right. Education enriches you this way to know in depth. The right phase in life comes from the point when one knows one’s rights. Forwarding for one’s rights, challenging the opposite side, and encouraging others. Hence, it’s always education that makes us winners and losers.

In a nutshell, poor education and lack of quality thinking make us stand nowhere. A good education provides a good way to elect a super person. Next, no bad policies will hit the public.
No inequality will burden the masses. And it will end up giving us the ever-best leader. Very layman is subject to: ‘ to strive, to find, to seek and not to yield’. The only solution is to be educated, sound-minded, and critical to reaching some conclusion. Then go out home, reach the polling station, caste freely and the future will be yours.

The writer is a government employee at education department of KP and interested in writing blogs and articles, belongs to Amnovi Shangla.

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