Tractor for goods supply in mountainous northern region

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Pakistan manufactured tractor is a major and sole goods supplier source in Shangla district, tractors are being used for transportation of all kind of goods to peaks of the region but in unique way of driving.
The tractors usually reshaped after bringing to Shangla, their front and back makes for load of goods like trolly where people keep their goods for transportation to upper parts of the district Shangla.
“We drive the tractor with the help of tyres prints because we can not see our front, in most of the ride front and back both loaded with the goods. It is a tough but skilled job, we do it with confidence by driving through dilapidated, mud single roads,” Khurshid Ali, one of drivers told Dawn.
He said that he has been driving tractor for a year and normally two rounds he does in a day and the travel takes three hours from one side ride of uphill.
“I supply goods to Kaho Mayar, Doragh, Peza, Zara and Dulo, which roads we used for travel can not be used other than tractors and mini jeeps because of their bad condition,” Fazal jamil, another driver said.
Sayed Rehman, an elder, said, he booked the tractor for supply of goods for his shop and loaded the tractor of three ton flour, cement and other goods.
“About four hundred of these tractors in Shangla supply goods, interesting thing is in it is driving, the driver does not know about the front, he follow the tyre prints and a helper give him instruction through signs,” Ali Baaz Khan, a local, described the tractor service.
He said, the tractor supply service exist in only Shangla because tractors are strong powered and afford the load and reach the peaks of the mountains.
Fazal Hakeem, standing alongside his tractor which is being loading, said that before tractor service three years ago, the Shangla upper parts masses had to take their goods on shoulders and climbing to their destinations.
“We have facilitated the local people and they got rid from carrying heavy goods on their shoulder which had been causing body pain and contracting other disease. We and our clients are happy with this business, clients feel easy now,” He added.
He said, they load front with goods for keeping balance of the tractor because traffic accidents had been taken place in past due to unbalance of loaded of tractor.
“It was our own invention to use tractor for goods supply because except tractors non of vehicle can go up on such uphill roads. Hilly areas roads were built without the engineers design and instruction, most of them built by local people on self help basis,” explained a driver.
He said about 68 village councils people rely on tractors for their goods, building material, foods items and they have not option but to hire tractor for supply.
The local people also expressed their concerns that due to bad condition of the roads traffic accidents occur on them and losses precious lives, hence government should wide and blacktop the roads for the public convenience.

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