Tourists thronged Shangla to witness snowfall

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SHANGLA: Heavy snowfall in Shangla tourists places attracted natural lovers from different parts of the country to witness the snowfall, tourists were seen throwing the snowball at each others.

As the weather turned sunny local and non local tourists reached the high hills of Shangla where 4 to 6 feet of snow was received during the last six days consecutive snowfall, tourists enjoyed their precious time in snow.

Sayed Haider Ali told Dawn that he came to Jaba Lelonai along with his three other friends and witnessed about three feet of snow and enjoyed the awesome snow.

He said they also took photographs making the trip memorable as it was their first visit to scenic and snow covered Jaba valley, where tourists also visit in the summer in large number.

Rehman Hussain, another local tourist said that after a long time snowfall was received up to five feet in the high altitude turning the area into a fairy world.

He said these hidden should be explored through media and social media, as well as the district government has to make sure clean the roads leads to Shangla tourist places, so that tourists could easily reach the spots.

Sayed Muzamil, a tourists from Lahore told Dawn that he witnessing first time in life the snow-caped mountains and they really touching the heart.

He however complained about the bad condition of road and closure due to heavy snowfall and not been fully cleared for all sort of traffic.

Mustafa, another tourist from Peshawar said that Shangla sounds like a paradise and he visited second time Yakhtangay once in summer in now in winter enjoyed the beautiful valley wearing snow white-sheet.

“I will advise the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to spend some fund on Shangla development, particularly in tourism sector, it will help boosting the area tourism and can generate a handsome revenue for the district,” He suggested.

Meanwhile, member provincial assembly from Pk-24 Shangla II Faisal Zeeb Khan urged the district administration to clear the roads in Shangla of snow as they remained blocked for sixth days after receiving heavy snowfall.

He said the district administration was not seen active in this winter because roads including Yakhtangay road, Martung road, ajmeer road and many other main and links roads were remained closed on Wednesday.

Here in Bisham city power supply, water supply, internet service was also suspended for the last six days which pushed the local people into distress.

The Public health department officials told Dawn that the water supply scheme of Bisham city was broken in many point due to heavy rain which will take three days in repairing.

The suspension of power and water supply has created severe problems to locals and they were facing severe problems.

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