Tough fight between PML-N and ANP in by LG election

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SHANGLA: A tough competition is expected between the candidates of Awami National Party and Pakistan Muslim League-N in the Dandai ward, while in Bahlol Khel tehsil council, the fight is likely between ANP and a PML-N-supported independent candidate in the local government by-election scheduled to be held on Dec 23.

The candidates have started door-to-door campaign to woo voters through attractive slogans and promises.

Shah Wali Khan of PML-N claimed that his position was strong than the ANP candidate because he had completed electricity supply, link roads and other projects in Dandai union council.

“Although ANP has made electoral alliance with the JUI-F and PTI, I will obviously win this seat with high margin because I have utilised all my energies to serve people of the area,” the PML-N candidate insisted.

Though four candidates are in the race, actual competition is between ANP and PML-N in Dandai UC.

Gulzar Khan, who is ANP candidate for the LG by-election, said his elder brother had won the seat and he would win it again by securing good number of votes as the ruling PTI was also supporting him in the by-election.

“We have begun door to door campaign for the election. The ANP senior leaders are also running my election campaign. I am hopeful that Dandai union council people will again vote for the party,” Gulzar Khan said

A tough bout is also expected in Bahlol Khel tehsil council between Rauf Khan and Kamal Zada.

The seat fell vacant after newly-elected MPA Faisal Zeb left the seat and contested general elections in PK-24 constituency.

Zeb Khan has fielded his relative, Rauf Khan for the tehsil council slot and he is being considered a strong candidate, while his opponent is PML-N supported candidate Kamal Zada, who is an independent.

PML-N sources said almost all parties were supporting Kamal Zada against the ANP candidate.

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