Shangla councilors blasts over delay of funds

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SHANGLA: The district councillors here on Thursday showed concern over delay in release of development funds because of which they could not implement their plans and complete development projects in their respective areas.

The district council session was held in Bisham with its convener Kamran Iqbal in the chair. District nazim Niaz Ahmed Khan, deputy commissioner Fayaz Khan Sherpao and line departments’ officials also attended the session.

Criticising performance of the government’s Community-Driven Local Development scheme, the councillors said that hundreds of projects had been pending in their respective wards.

Say many projects pending since long

They urged former opposition leader Sadeedur Rehman to withdraw stay order against the 2016-17 ADP of Rs 670 million. He had obtained a stay order on Sept 12, 2017 and due to non-utilisation of funds the government had also not issued the remaining ADPs for fiscal years 2017-18 and 2018-19 as yet.

Sher Ali Khan, councillor from Chakesar, urged the members to hold talks with the former opposition leader to withdraw the stay order. He said that 13 district councillors of Awami National Party didn’t support Sadeedur Rehman’s move.

Jamshid Khan from Katkor ward said that CDLD schemes, including reconstruction of a government girl school, were pending in his constituency. Sarfaraz Khan from Ranyal demanded construction of washrooms for patients and attendants at Karora RHC.

Akbar Hussain from Martung complained that the only hospital in his union council lacked doctors for the last four years.

Gulab Shahpuri said that despite imposition of ban on sale of substandard food such as chips, no action was taken against the violators. He said that anti-rabies vaccine was not available in the Shahpur hospital.

Sultan Nabi from Dedal Kamach complained that a single teacher was teaching in his village Naway Kallay’s school which had 280 students. He demanded of the education department to appoint more teachers in the school. Other councillors also raised similar issues.

The district nazim said that without utilisation of funds of fiscal year 2016-17 the local government did not approve the remaining two ADPs.

He hoped that the issue of stay order would be resolved in the next few days.

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