Plants to be planted on 102 acres barren land in Dolomus Chitral

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The Department of Soil and Water Conservation (Geology and Water Conservation) is bringing 102 acres of barren land under cultivation in Dolomus of Chitral district for which a drive has been kicked off on Sunday.
The project includes a water plant, four check dams, land leveling, and afforestation in Dolomus. Four thousand olive trees, three thousand wild plants, and two thousand fruit trees are being planted. Director General Muhammad Yasin Wazir also inaugurated the planting campaign by planting an olive tree. In this regard, a simple ceremony was also held at Dolomus.
Talking to our correspondent, the owner of this land Colonel Retired Shahzad Muhammad Sharif said that before this we have visited the offices of Water Management and many other departments many times but we are very disappointed. When we approached the office of Soil and Water Conservation, by writing a simple paper application, they sent their technical team and started work on it immediately. Colonel Sharif said that if all the departments in Pakistan start working diligently and honestly like the Swell and Water Conservation, then all the barren land of Pakistan can be cultivated and other development works can also be completed on time.
Director General Soil and Water Conservation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Yasin Wazir said that before this it was a slope and barren land and we worked on it and made it under cultivation and we are also planting olives, almonds, pomegranates and other fruit trees on it. It will also benefit the landowners financially and wild plants are also being planted in it to control the loss of forests and people cut and burn the branches of these trees for burning. He said that it will not only benefit the landowners financially and it will also promote tourism as it will attract wildlife and colorful birds, but it will also have a very positive impact on climate change and global warming. But it will have good effects.
Mujibur Rehman, who is the district responsible officer of this department, said that this year, 8000 kanals of barren land are being cultivated in Chitral, on which they will be planted with fruitful and wild plants, which will be transformed into gardens. People can also grow vegetables and get financial benefits from it by selling fresh and dry fruits. He said that for this any landlord can come to our office and give a simple application, after which 80% of the expenses are borne by our institution, while the zamindars contribute only 20%.
Prince Shuja Riazuddin said that before this land was barren, now soil and water conservation people are coming and making this land under cultivation, it will not only benefit us financially when this garden succeeds and becomes a forest. It will also have a very good impact on the surrounding environment. He said that when the trees will succeed on this land which was completely useless, how much will come here, colorful birds will come here, and also on climate change. There will be good effects

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