People in Shangla want road cleared of rubble

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SHANGLA: The district administration Shangla failed to remove rubbles and landslides masses from the Khatak Sar link road, laying on the road since last four months causing traffic accidents, a young journalist car was fell into gorge the other day due to the rubles, which was brought by the flooding water during rainfall in the summer season.
The local residents of Bisham particularly Khatak Sar, Landai Jai, Kait and other areas have complained about the rainfall brought rubbles and landslidng masses of the link road police station to Khatak Sar in Bisham.
They said the rubbles was brought the by water in torrential rains and also the huge masses of the landslide were fell onto road, however the local people had opened the road for light traffic on self help.
“We have severally complained about the issue being faced by us to Tehsil Municipal Administration TMA but except mere promises of its officials they did not take practical steps for clearing the road,” Said, Jawad Khan a driver
He said several accidents took place on the roads due to rubles on the road because it is mountain road and in bad condition vehicles brakes could not work on the rubbles.
Umar, a local said many crowded vehicles use the road daily for carrying commuters but it is risk and they often feels scary while traveling on the road from their villages.
He said neither district nor tehsil administration even visit the road after blockade in the rains for months ago and not later, however they compelled to travel on it as they haven’t other option.
The other day, a local young journalist car collided on the road due to rubbles and fell into gorge and his 3 years daughter was inside the car, however she was survived.
The people demanded of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to take immediately action against the concerned authorities and as soon as possible clear the road from rubbles protecting the human lives and ease their travel on the road.

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