How we can be benefited from use of social media

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Social outlets especially Facebook and twitter become an integral part of our day to day activities. People from all walks of life have signed up. Users of these social outlets are addicted to its usage insofar that, they feel themselves incomplete without using social media. Facebook and twitter are crowded with billions of people. Since, these social outlets are used by billions of people around the globe, therefore, it’s difficult for everyone to get benefit from this platforms. Because the bigger the crowd, the more negligible the individual. But we should never let ourselves to become slaves of crowd and let the crowd follow us. Standing out in the crowd will really matter. Every day we come across tens of thousands of people sharing, commenting, or liking posts of business companies, entrepreneurs, or other online outfits. They are getting huge benefits by tossing their contents in the most diverse demographic pool. These companies due to huge popularity of social media outlets relying more on digital marketing than traditional marketing. And it’s a fact, traditional marketing has been outweighed with more consequential, target specific and fast digital marketing. LinkedIn is another outlet, which is by and large dominated by like-minded and professional demographics. LinkedIn provides beneficial exposure to its users. Hence, people from professional fields have achieved their objectives using LinkedIn. Freelancer is unlike to LinkedIn, is another great platform for people, who have wherewithal in any areas. This platform has provided jobs to millions of its users. Those who are aware of it, has gotten great benefit. A niche of writers, software engineers, designers, graphics experts, shortly, people from all walks of life, can work over it by utilizing their expertise. There are a number of other relevant social media outlets, through which we can flush out the inherent talent. Facebook and twitter being, the gigantic outlets in the internet world is last option for tossing to the huge population of diverse and every age group. Journalist write in newspapers, share their write up on Facebook and twitter, online businesses have their own websites but share their product on Facebook and Twitter, Politicians do their work and tells their people on social media, other make videos on TikTok and toss on Facebook and Twitter. But most of us are just watching the activities of others and reacting to it. Because, lethargy has surrounded us. We are limited to share, comment or like posts of other giant companies. The modern technology has provided us great opportunities to show our talent to huge demographic pool but to unawareness, majority of the people become slaves of gigantic business companies. It’s the dilemma of most of the users of social media platforms. They are not only using inappropriately but misusing these great platforms. The bottom-line is, using social media haven’t have adverse effects but have consequential effects, when use appropriately. Most importantly, these platforms have given us opportunity to show our real meaning of existence in world and we have to show it.

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