Just the other night New Year’s Eve whispered in my ear,
“I should be better than previous one.”
It kept murmuring,
“If you are going to try for betterment in all aspects of your life for yourself and for the ones who love you-whose life is linked to yours, who are for you and for whom you are, so wish me to others with the same message- if not, forget it all… Just go to bed and ski in dreams; there is nothing new in me ever but in you always. Whether I come with the new sun or not… If it comes in your will to be beyond who you are with every new dawn, I authorize you to wish me to the world a Happy New Year!”
Lastly New Year’s Eve said to me winking,
“I am just a calendar
It is mankind who
Can design me better
Or make me blunder”
Yes, this is pretty certain! Unless we will to do something better than we did last year, we are not supposed to wish the coming of new year. This betterment by an individual can be formed in the shape of respect for humanity, care for law and order as well as writ of the state, increment of optimism and removal of pessimism, understanding of our actual values, avoiding harsh attitude for opponents, using the power of empathy, finding strength and minimizing weakness, utilization of wisdom,practicing altruism, balance in routine, absence of nepotism and favoritism, end of atrocity, development of society morally, use of maturity, getting rid of feudalism and barbarism and last but not less important breaking the shackles of ego.
Let us join hands in this new dawn of hope, new ray of prosperity, new light of progress and new bunch of 365 times 24 hours to change enormously what we have, to be who we are not and who actually we are made by God,to find our dreams and vision, to gain what actually our Lord has sent us for.Let us not lose hope to fly. Let us go ahead and serve mankind.
In this new-born year we have got to fry a lot of fish that do not lie in our comfort zone. It is indeed, a high time to think beyond the box for positivity.
The regrets, falls, rejections, tensions, fears, miseries, failures and embarrassments, let it all go.
None is here has committed no mistakes but the one is great who never gets bitten by the same snake from the same hole. One is spectacular who always learns from his every fall to rise again, from every failure to succeed ahead. One is of course the best who always gets better and far better with the passage of each year, and yet again a new year is on our threshold knocking our door to let it swing open for new sunshine. Let us let it come inside-the shine of beauty, solidarity, excellence, success and ultimate happiness.
Let us intend what is gone, “let bygone be bygone”, what is next just utilize with attentions and zeal. No matter how many are rest. It does not matter how hard we got hit by previous years. The matter is how we convert those hits into such impulse that can lead us to be super hit.
Let us not keep missing what has been missed by us lately. We ought not to skip it ever from our mind that why people betrayed us or left us isolated, because this new year we have got to do away with the causes of this all which saddened us in some past year or years. We need to Just beef us up with faith that will never let us step up alone for our lives’ journey ahead.
This year if we are strongly firmed, steady and honest with all our wills to root out all our ills, we should be happy. Yes, we are happy with this Happy New Year!

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