Chakesar Shangla’s popular delicious citrus fruits

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SHANGLA: Shangla tehsil Chakesar areas have become popular for citrus fruits, the area produced high quantity of delicious and tasty oranges this year as the local people becoming familiar with agriculture.

The local people of Chakesar had planted citrus trees at Gunangar, Sarkool about four years ago which started production this year but in quantity whicStory: Shangla oranges

Photo attachedh attracts buyers from across the district and surrounding regions.

Shangla valley is known for the production of different types of fruits, especially for Persimmon, Guava, Apricot, Banana, Peach and red-blood citrus fruits and people associated with the agriculture business in large number, while in fact the local people now becoming familiar with agriculture benefited the business.

Idress Khan, recently bought an orchard on Rs 300,000 from an owner where about 107 trees filled with tasty delicious oranges which attracts buyers, particularly the commuters used Dandai-Chakesar road.

Idress Khan, said he has been associated with the oranges sale business last year he had bought an orchard in Shang but that orange was not tasty and delicious like this orchard citrus.

“Customers come especially for buying the oranges to my stall placed near the orchard on Chakesar road at Gunangar, besides it, commuters stopped and eat the oranges, take to home as well,” The vendor said.

Shad Muhammad, a buyer while enjoying the citrus said that the Gunangar oranges are more tasty and delicious than the other orchards, he along with his three other friends came here to taste the red-blood fruit.

Shaukat Ali, the orchard owner, said he had planted 800 orange trees in which about 100 has started production of citrus which he sold out to a vendor for the season.

He said one of his agriculturist friend suggested him to plant fruits trees on his cultivated land which will benefit him and he bought the plants and planted in Sarkool union council which soil is befitted and fertile where every fruit grows perfectly as the union council known for Banana orchards.

Mr Ali added that he intended to plant more citrus trees on his fertile lands at Chakesar tehsil which will increase his revenue of the business as well as opportunities for the local jobless people.

Habib-Un-Nijar, an expert told The Northern Post that people of Shangla are now becoming familiar with agriculture business as it is a profitable job increase earning as growers care the trees.

He said, Gunangar is overall a fine place for fruits trees and people should establish orchards of different fruits, however, look after is must for every tree of the fruit then that tree will produce more fruits than the grower anticipation.

The growers also demanded of the government to help them in promoting their business as well as the agriculture department for playing its role in creating awareness about look after of the orchards and fruits.

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