Pedestrian bridge planks blown away by windstorm

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SHANGLA: Heavy rainfall coupled with strong winds and hailstorm damaged a suspension bridge and rooftop of a house in Banjar area of Shangla was also blown away.
Locals told that dark clouds suddenly appeared on the sky and strong winds blew up and then it rained. The strong winds blew away planks of the suspension bridge connects Bar Banjar village with rest of Shangla.
Flow of water in the rivers was also increased after the torrential rain.
Village nazim Mutabar Khan told The Northern Post that the bridge was the only communication source of the Bar Banjar, Plana, Dehragai and Rona villages.
He said the bridge was built by district government over the Khan Khwat river at Bela area abut three years ago, now it has left only ropes and broken planks were taken away by local people.
The Nazim said a rooftop of Amir Zaman at Jozo area of Banjar was also blew away by strong winds, however no casualties and injuries were reported.
He said neither district administration nor any NGO workers reach the affected family and they have no shelter for residence now.
Gul Nawab of Plana area said that now they will use Dehrai bridge which is far away and take four to five hours hike to reach their houses.
He said they would be thankful if government take action on the bridge and rebuild it sternly.
Here in Bisham power supply was suspended in the city and its outskirts after it received heavy rainfall which put the locals in troubles.

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