Ali Tareen wins bid for sixth PSL team

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LAHORE: Ali Tareen Khan, son of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Jahangir Khan Tahreen, has won the bid for the sixth franchise of Pakistan Super League (PSL).
Ali Tareen, a young politician from Lodhran was keen to buy the PSL’s franchise Multan Sultans.

The Multan Consortium led by Ali Tareen has won the franchise rights for the sixth team, by exceeding the reserve price, the Pakistan Cricket Board said.

The reserve price set by the PCB was $5.21 million per annum for a period of seven years. This reserve price has been exceeded by the bid winners, the statement added.

On Dec 19, the younger Tareen took to Twitter to announce that the bid for the sixth franchise has been submitted.

Tareen went on to say, “I have made full efforts to retain the team in South Punjab.”

Last month, he had confirmed to media that he was interested in buying the franchise, which was previously known as Multan Sultans.

“I want to buy the team for the fourth edition of PSL and for this reason I have had two to three meetings with Pakistan Cricket Board officials in Lahore”. He further said, “I have completed the initial work for a tender for PSL 4”.

The PCB had terminated, on November 10, the franchise agreement with Schon Properties for granting franchise rights of Multan Sultans after they failed to meet its financial obligations. Then, all rights of the team were reverted back to the PCB.

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