Action sought against speeding heavy vehicles

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SHANGLA: The local residents of Bisham tehsil have demanded of the district administration and law enforcement agencies to take strict action against speeding heavy vehicles, Dumpers, Mazda and other construction material suppliers vehicles who hit pedestrians and motorcyclists.

They told reporters here on Monday after second death of teenager who were hit by speeding Mazda at Kunshi Bisham on Sunday. Nephew of the last day died teenager Ramiz succumbed to his injuries at a hospital in Swat who was was referred in critical condition.

They said, it was not for the first time teenager killed by speeding Mazda but it had become a routine speeding heavy vehicles hit teenagers, school going kids and took their lives or crippling for life.

Habib Un Nijar, a notable said reckless driving of motorcyclists, dumpers, sand supplier and Mazda is a main reason of rising fatal accidents on the Karakorum Highway in Bisham tehsil.

“Imposition of miner fine on the drivers is not enough they should send to jail as well as heavy fine because they always seen of wrong over taking and speeding the heavy vehicles causing fatal accidents,” He said.

Lawangin Yousafzai, said the speeding heavy vehicles had been killed over a dozen of kids and teenager on the road in Bisham tehsild during last two years.

He said, law enforcement agencies should take strict action against the heavy vehicles drivers over their reckless driving.

Wahid Anwar, said speed breakers were also removed on the order of court across the district due to which in Kunshi chowk speeding vehicles and motorcycle can not control their speed although the area was a highly populated area where several kids had been killed by speeding vehicles also his four year old cousin about six months ago at Kunshi chowk.

The locals demanded prompt action against the reckless drivers of heavy vehicles and motorcyclists particularly the teenagers who do not keep licence and ride motorcycles.

Assistant Commissioner, Bisham, Khuram Rehman Jadoon, when contacted, he told The Northern Post this scribe that he had planed a strict action against heavy vehicles drivers and motorcyclists but due to covid-19 the plan had postponed.

He said, not only strict action would be taken against these drivers and riders but also regulated them with traffic rules.

Meanwhile, on the directive of AC Bisham, Khuram Rehman, Bisham police booked three liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG agencies dealers for violating the government fixed rate.

A statement issued by the AC Bisham said following the consumers complaints he conducted raids on different shops in Bisham bazaar and found selling the LPG on higher rate than the administration fixed rate of Per cylinders of 11 and KGs.

It said, FIRs have been registered against the violators and sealed their shops.

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