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Jambera bridge in bad condition

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SHANGLA: A busy suspension wooden bridge over the Indus river connecting Maira of Bisham tehsil Shangla with Jambera area of the Battagram district on the verge of collapse as most of its planks are damaged.
The suspension bridge which was first built in 1982 by Kohistan Development Project as both Maira and Jambera masses areas have family relations and frequently cross the river.
The 350 feet long crucial bridge was damaged in 2010 devastating flash floods but later repaired by the then MPA Shah Hussain, however it could not lasted long and some of its planks and, ropes and Pillars broken and was not usable.
Khurshid Khan, a local notable, said that his cousin repaired the bridge several times as over 200 his students used the bridge to come to school daily.
“Including girls, over 350 students cross the bridge regularly either go to schools in Maira or come to schools in Jambera for receiving an education. Still we are concerned for our children as the bridge over the most danger river Indus is in ramshackle condition,” He said.
Muhammad Khan, a local said women, elderly and children use the bridge to cross the Indus river but feel fear while moving on it as it was in dilapidated condition.
He said, government particularly elected representatives of the area have not given proper heed to the area at least to rebuild this crucial bridge.
Khalid Khan, another local said, if the bridge was not repaired timely it may cause of tragic incident as it was in bad condition and not fit to be used.
“We daily used the suspension bridge to go to a private school in Jambera but during heavy rain and strong winds we do not use it due to its condition, always feel scared while walking on it to cross the Indus river especially in summer season when the river flow increase to its high level,” Imran a 9th class student, stated.
He said, a large number of students used the bridge daily but nowadays the bridge has become risky for pedestrians.
Rema Bi Bi, another student said her parents are too much worried about her owing the bridge condition but they have no option to get her enroll in the school nearby instead a school in Jambera.
She said, she will be thankful if the government or non-governmental organization rebuild the old bridge.
The locals also demanded of the government and elected representatives to rebuild the bridge as soon as possible to avoid any untoward incident.

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