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Special persons are shining stars of the society

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December 3 , of every year since 1992 is observed as the day of physically challenged people around the globe. The observance of the day was first promoted by United Nations in order to raise the understanding of disability issues and make the other people aware of the problems of disabled persons and should give them respect and dignity.
According to the world bank report, 1 billion or 15% of the world population are disabled persons and between 110 to 190 millions of them are significant disabilities. According to another report published in 2015 , 2.49% of the total population of Pakistan comprises of physically challenged people.
Despite of such huge population they face a lot of trauma, they not only fight against their physical disability but they also have to fight against social insecurity which is a point of concern for us.
They are always remained deprived of their rights and are unable to pursue their desired education.
Actually they are already fighting against some physical challenge so we shouldn’t put them in further challenges by making hindrance in their way but we should treat them in a way that they shouldn’t feel that they are disabled as they shouldn’t be called out of their disabilities , their disability is not their identity.
A physically challenged person can’t join his or her desired field like armed forces and police because they physically not capable to join certain fields.
Most of the disabled persons especially women remains unmarried because no one wants to be their life partner so it’s clear discrimination at least they are humans.
In such way we are wasting our human power because such people are only physically challenged they can use their brain much well and can contribute much to the society.
And from the history we can learn that when such people are educated and provided with their basic rights as other human beings then they have revolutionised the world as Stephen Hawking did. Despite being challenged by motor neuron disease, he is one of the most admired scientists in physics, with numerous books and publications under his belt.
Helen Keller – Blind and Deaf, by profession she was lecturer and activist. She was the first ever to earn Bachelors in Arts. She was also a political activist and a celebrated author in America. She was one of the leading hands in founding American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
Muniba Mazari is an example from Pakistan.
In order to solve the problem of physically challenged people we should hear their complaints as everyone’s voice should be heard. We should normalize the idea of disability, our children should be taught about disability , disabled actors should be cast , disabled dolls should be made , that the idea of them being different can finally cease to exist.
And finally we should spread message to them and world that they are unique not special because by calling them special they are specified that they are disabled.

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