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Let’s bring smiles on faces of physically challenged citizens

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December 3 is observed as International Day of Persons with Disabilities or World Disability Day. Commemoration of this day was done by United Nations General Assembly through a resolution in 1992.
The aim of International Day of persons with disabilities is to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society and development. Its day for all is commemorating inclusion so that we can all belong and thrive, in all of our diversity. The aim is to focusing to empower persons with disability with equal opportunities and inclusiveness. The idea is to empower them with equitable, inclusive and sustainable development.
We celebrate this day to recognize the commitments and contributions of persons living with disabilities for this society. Our celebrations and participation make us to rededicate to build barrier free society. On this occasion, awareness is spread on how influential factors can get involved in breaking down the attitudinal and structural barriers for people with disability.
The theme of this specific day is one of agenda point for Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Inclusion in SDGs agenda aims to ensure participation of each and every individual even with disability. Hence the persons with disabilities can be beneficiaries and means of change which leads to inclusive development.
Around 1 billion people around the globe live with different disabilities. This figure is a huge segment hence in order to achieve the sustainable development, it is important for academic institutions, persons with disabilities and the organizations that represent them, to collectively work as a team.
In considering the above mentioned scenario to break up the dilemma of the world, it is humble appeal to all developmental agencies and individuals including youth, educationists make their utmost efforts to make the persons with disabilities feel normal like other people of the society.

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